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Many beautiful Ghanaian models have carved a niche for themselves due to the sumptuous photos they have been sharing on social media.

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God has blessed these models with body features and they love flaunting them on social media.

One model, who has taken over social media with her huge backside is Lady Afia.

Afia is not only endowed both front and back but she is very beautiful.

has put together 11 powerful photos of Afia that will make any man fall for her.

1. She showed off her swag in this photo:

2. Afia is not afraid to flaunt what God has given to her:

3. This photo can melt any man’s heart:

4. She flaunts her G-Wagon:

5. She looks awesome in this outfit:

6. She puts her curvy body on display:

7. She is always on point:

8. White tight outfit looks good on Afia:

9. Afia is really beautiful:

10. No wonder she is one of the fast-rising model in Ghana:

11. Her smiles define her beauty:

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