2020 Elections: Ghanaians fascinated about this new group in the NPP [Pictures]


Well, it is a political season, and anybody who has the capacity to organise people into groups for such purposes that will help harvest votes for his/her preferred candidate or party will jump into it.

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Political groupings and appendage enterprises have become part of our body politics. There are lots of them amongst the various political parties especially in the two major ones.

Usually, the female versions are the ones st catches attention. This is because of its flamboyant nature, and of course, the feminine touch of beauty it presents to the eyes.

Remember the Royal ladies of NPP?. The Mahama ladies? The doves? They were all over the places during the 2016 general elections.

This is 2020 and the trend is no different. However, the newest addition to these satellite groups is another female assemblage.

But this time, this particular group has a unique criterion. You must have enough fresh. You must be a heavyweight with enough body mass to be able to join.

Remember the famous ‘Di asa’ contestants? That is what will likely come to your mind as soon as you see this group 9f ladies. They are for 4more4Nana.

The group, which is called, ‘Thick ladies for Nana’ emerged with their pictures on social media lining up themselves in different poses to announce their present.

Their origin and base is not yet known, but what has got people talking is the amount of weigh they cumulatively present. People also wanted to know how they intend to help the NPP achieve another 4 years for Nana.

There were mixed reactions following the viral pictures of the group on social media. While some, obviously the NPP sympathizers were excited, others were rude and started body-shaming the groups.

Check them out;

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