Ghanaian female Afro Pop art, of CHAKANTUKSAAGH SONGS who goes by the name CT Baby has said that, Having HIV is Better Than Dating A Broke Man or a Stingy Man, like seriously?

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In an interview on RIC online radio to promote her new song titled, P.O.P(stingy). CT BABY tells the Host, Dj Sticky and Sycho Brown, her manager that a broke man can’t take you out when all your friends are going. He can’t buy you shoes, dress, panties and all that a lady needs to keep herself. CT baby added, Ghanaian men are broke, i won’t date a Ghanaian man.

www.chakantuksaagh.com/233 0242958868.

However, on her new song, She lyrically mentioned names like, Nana Appiah, Nyatakyi, Asamoah Gyan(baby jet) and Sammy Flex of Zylofon media; referring to them as P.O.P(stingy)..

But is not clear if CT BABY has dated or still dating some of these names mentioned. And does that means those rich men didn’t give her enough money the way she expected??

CT Baby explained the new song is to hit on Stingy(p.o.p) men

Well, Download amd listen to the P.O.P song here:

CT Baby-P.O.P(Stingy) Prod. By Hasty Baba


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