3 Ladies Mercilessly Beat 20-Year-Old Female Student For Allegedly Sleeping With A Married Man


We have chanced upon a video of a South African lady being attacked by some women for allegedly sleeping with a married taxi driver.

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The 20-year-old grade 11 student who was brutally assaulted just outside the schoolyard by some three ladies for allegedly being a cause of a divorce.

The student identified as Dolly Malia in a recent interview stated she suffered several bruises on her upper body and thighs during the incident.

Additionally, she noted that she was attacked by three women who pulled her braids and also struck her with fists and a stick.

The student, however, denied that she is a “home-wrecker” revealing that she was on her way to the tuckshop just outside the school when she was approached by the three women who demanded to talk to her.

“It’s not true that I’m a home-wrecker, I ended the relationship with the woman’s husband after I discovered he was married. The relationship ended late last month after I received threatening SMSes from an unknown lady who told me to stop seeing the taxi driver because he is married or they will deal with me.

Before they could state their concerns, all of them started attacking me, saying I should stay away from their friend’s husband,” she said.

Asked if she reported the incident to the police, Maila said she was told by the police that there was not enough evidence to prosecute the women that assaulted and left her with pains on her neck, back and thighs even though she tendered in the video as evidence.

“I’m not happy with the police because I went to open a case the same day and one of the female police officers told me that if I was dating her husband, she would have killed me. She said I deserve to be killed because I’m breaking people’s marriages” she added.

The footage showed wife of the taxi driver really hitting Maila in the face and comments from her were;

“Do you know I’m a married woman and you are breaking my marriage. I have been meaning to talk to you but you refused.”

The second lady was also heard shouting “beat her my friend”. The taxi driver’s wife continued hitting the student saying:

“You were born in 2001 and there is no way you can date a 40-year-old man. You are mad, I can’t leave my marriage because of you.”

Maila was also whipped on the back with a stick by a woman that wore a red dress in the viral video.

Here is the viral video below;

Man’s Not Barry Roux @AdvBarryRoux

Apparently this happened in Limpopo, Mopani Region, Tzaneen municipality. These two women were assaulting this girl cause according to them she is dating a man married to one of them.

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