Breaking: Shocking revelation Surfaces on the Alleged ‘coup plotters’


Some military officers suspected to be involved in the alleged plot to “destabilize the country” and Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, the lead suspect in the case are classmates, a lawyer for the suspects, Victor Kojoga Adawudu has revealed to ABC News.

Mr. Adawudu said contrary to claims by the government that the said military officers liaised with Dr. Mac-Palm to plot the alleged crime, his client and the said officers were just friends who hailed from the same area in the Volta Region.

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“Those allegations are not true. The fact that people have a relationship does not mean that he’s contacted them to commit a crime.”

“What I know is that the man [Mac-Palm] comes from Kpando. The person who is purported to manufacture guns also comes from the Volta Region. I also know that the so-called military officers they are talking about were his classmates and his friends also from the same area in the Volta Region. So does it mean that because they come from the same place they are conniving?” he asked in an interview with ABC News.

The suspects – Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm, a medical practitioner; Donya Kafui, alias Ezor, a blacksmith; and Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu, a freight manager were arrested by security personnel on Friday, September 20.

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