Check Sarkodie Response To Shatta Wale


For a few weeks now, Shatta Wale has been on Sarkodie’s case saying lots of things about his brand and his sarknatives.

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In a latest post by Sarkodie on Instagram, he disclosed why he will not respond to the beef Shatta Wale has started. He captioned one of his latest posts;

The Media On The Phone Trying To Get Me To Respond To Beefs … Naa Man I Done Saved A Lot Of Careers. 2020 You Pay For Response.”

This post has two meanings, Firstly, it could mean that he will not be responding to any beef especially from Shatta Wale unless he is being paid to do so. Secondly, it could that Shatta Wale’s career is dead and he would not want to save it by responding to his beef like he did the other time.

Let’s wait to see Shatta Wale’s response to this new post by Sarkodie.

Watch video below


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