Cleanup exercise by the Church of Pentecost – Environmental Cure Is Our Responsibility

Environmental Cure is our Responsibility.
The Church of Pentecost Cleanup Exercise in Agbogboloshie Old Fadama (Konkomba Yam market).

As the Bible says “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. To emulate this the church of Pentecost in old fadama of agbogbloshie konkomba yam market took it upon themselves to embark on a clean up exercise themed “Environmental care our responsibility”. As we know agbogbloshie konkomba yam market is termed as the dirtiest and filthiest area in Accra and Ghana at large. To help reduce this menace the church taught its members on importance of cleaning as a Christian and also help to reduce these canker. They also educated the market women on how to care for the environment and bad effect of living in a filthy and dirty environment. They also called upon the government to be of help to the people of agbogbloshie by providing the necessary equipment and materials to help reduce this canker in the market. They also use this opportunity to preach to the people of agbogbloshie…

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Moreover the head pastor Emmanuel Kweku Dana also spoke about how the members of all tribes need to play active roles in cleaning the community.

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