Efia Odo Has A Small Tonga – Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale has once again proven that he is an uncouth man and will say or do anything as long as it makes him happy regardless of who gets hurt.

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Shatta Wale has taken to his Twitter handle to disgrace and expose something soo vital about the Slay Queen, Efia Odo.

According to Shatta Wale, Efia Odo has a very small vag1na too unpleasant for any man to enjoy himself.

Shatta Wale went on his Twitter page to boldly hit back at Efia Odo who is currently his ex-boyfriend when she came on him.

Shatta Wale wrote: “Wutw3 kituaa wati ???”

It all started when Shatta Wale simply invited his friends to shop at Efia Odo’s wine shop this Valentine’s Day.

Efia Odo who is still nursing her broken from Shatta wale called Shatta Wale a thief on the post but Shatta Wale won’t be disrespected; He replied.

The banter went on until Efia Odo rained curses on Shatta Wale and called on God to punish Shatta Wale for being an evil person.


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