Feel Free To Smoke Marijuana —Chief Tells Youth


Chief of Muramura, Nana Gyaakye Amo II, in the Kwahu South District of Ghana, has advised the youth in his town not to feel shy to smoke marijuana as many times they want.

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In an interview on Kasapa Fm, Nana disclosed that his town is no stranger to the cultivation of large scale marijuana.

According to the chief, why should he care when the police who are given the mandate to fight wee smoking have relaxed.

He says he wields no power when it comes to placing a ban on the excessive smoking of marijuana (wee) in and around his community.

To buttress his statement the chief indicated that the smoking of marijuana at Muramura is not strange because the same thing is also happening in other parts of Ghana.

The 83-year- old Chief stressed that no one seems to be perturbed about the menace of ‘wee’ smoking in the country.

He is therefore minding his own business because he doesn’t want to invite any attacks by talking against the banishment of smoking therefore his people are permitted to smoke to their own capacity.


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