Fella Makafui Hospitalised Over Broken Heart


It has been rumoured that Fella Makafui and Medikal’s relationship is nearing doom, even though it’s unconfirmed but it seems there’s an iota of truth in the rumours.

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TheGossipScoop.com has intercepted a photo of Fella Makafui feeling very sick and lying on a hospital.

From the look of the photo, it seems Fella Makafui has finally suffered the broken heart predicted by the likes of Counsellor Lutherodt and some Ghanaians.

One strange thing about the photo is that her right hand was cuffed to the hospital bed.

Has Fella Makafui developed a mental problem? Because it’s only patients with mental problems who are mostly cuffed to hospital beds to prevent them from running away or escaping.
Fella Makafui hospitalised

Source: Chakantuksaagh.com

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