Ghana Jesus Mmebusem releases funny video with Wendy Shay Read more:


– A new video of Ghana Jesus Mmebusem and Wendy Shay has been released – Others who starred in the video included John Dumelo, and Emelia Brobbey – Showing improvement with his skits, Mmebusem appeared like a spirit at where they were to accused Wendy Shay of singing a bad song – He had been accused of blaspheming Jesus with his role and tag as “Ghana Jesus” Read more:

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Ghana Jesus Mmebusem has released a new video featuring Wendy Shay, John Dumelo, and Emelia Brobbey. They were in a setting like a studio with Wendy Shay singing while Emelia and Dumelo were acting. Mmebusem then appeared like a spirit being in the room asking why Wendy Shay would sing such a song. Read more:

She also explained that the song she was singing was not a profane one, but to tell what John Dumelo and Emelia Brobbey were doing. The video has garnered massive reactions on social media with many people laughing. Phina, for instance, said Wendy is talented: empress.phina: “Wendy babe so talented my dear.” Hypa also professed love ofr Wendy Shay and Mmebusem: hypagrafix: “awww Wendy Shay I love u wai …mmebusem u do all ” Read more:


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