Greed Is Greed! Some DKM Victims Invested In MenzGold As Well


In the Akan language, ‘Sika Anibre’, is to wit ‘Bloody Greed’ or ‘Eye Red For Money’, and that is what people claim we should not talk about especially victims of gold investment company MenzGold.

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The greed driven by money has lately been the order of the day as the basis upon which Ponzis and Scams are thriving in Ghana.

temporary wealth creation scams.

A little greed on the part of every human is normal but bloody greed in excess is the thing I’m talking about. We have a lot of Ghanaians yearning to put peanuts in some of these disguised unpredictable schemes with the prime motive of reaping in thousand folds on their returns.

These scams won’t end today or tomorrow so far as people continue to be RED EYE craving for double monies all over. It is sad to see Ghanaians not learning from past experiences not just because of disobedience but it’s all about the money and what they can get within that shortest period of time of their investment!

Money! Money!! Money!!!

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