Hot Video:Our Husbands are Killing Us with Too Much Sex in this Lockdown’- Lady Cries out to President Nana Addo


A young lady in a viral video as sighted by , has pleaded with President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo -Addo to either allow men to go out to work or cancel the Lock-down .

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Her reasons are that , her husbadn in her house is killing her with too much sex, can report.

She revealed that , her husband is demanding too much sex from her and after sex ,she continues to cook for him.

According to the lady , she has run from her house to work even though she knows she has defied the Lockdown orders ,but she is very sure the Security officers would understand when they seek explanations from her , can report.

She added that , She is expecting the President to quickly make a press conference and tell the either the men or women to go out to work to curb all these acts in these lock down, can report.

Watch the Video below :

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