I Am Still An Underground Musician Because My Stupid & Foolish Social Media Followers Don’t Share & Support My Works – Pope Skinny


Rapper Pope Skinny has taken to social media to cry over his close-to dead career as a musician.

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Pope Skinny started doing music since the 80s.

We’ve known him before people blew into the music scene and faded away again but as for him, he can’t even be recognised as an A-list rapper.

To the extent that, he has associated himself with Shatta Wale perhaps, with the intention that he can tap the anointing of hit songs but all to no avail.

Well, Pope Skinny instead of sitting down to think about what he’s doing wrong that is making him not to blow proper has rather decided to blame his followers on social media for his misfortune.

According to him, he’s still an underground because his followers refuse to support and share his works.

It appears he’s really frustrated.

Watch video below:

Source: Chakantuksaagh.com

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