I don’t mind marrying a ‘Broke’ guy who is serious – Adina


Adina has evealed in an interview on TV3 that she does not bother getting settled down with a ‘broke’ guy who is serious and focused.

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She recently made headlines when she stated categorically that money can never buy her love.

Adina Said live on TV3: “Somebody who understands what I do because I’m a musician and I love the craft, if he is broke and he has a dream or he is making a move about his future or he is on his way up there.

the potential in him and you see he is a serious person and that in the next few years he is actually going to make something of himself,” Adina further opined.

The pretty fair and succulent singer prefers to make a man out of his lover instead of chasing normal Sakawaand Fraud Boys like other ashawobrities just to get nokofio and eventually end up becoming a Benz.

Well done Adina.

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