I Invested Ghc250,000 In Menzgold…Never Got A Pesewa From It- Mzbel Reveals- VIDEO


Ghanaian female musician Belinda Nana Akua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has revealed in an interview she also has her money locked up at Menzgold.

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Mzbel revealed that she has Ghc250,000 locked up at Menzgold but she’s not demonstrated because she understands that, it’s business that’s gone bad and that she’s a businesswoman and understands such risks when it comes to investments.

She also added that Nana Appiah Mensah is never a scammer as many people are purporting because whatever he did was very genuine and that he didn’t force people to invest with the company.

According to her, whatever the result of her huge investment of over GH250,000 with the firm has brought is something she does not really regret. She makes the point that investing with Menzgold was a business plan she took and every business has risks. And as such, she feels Menzgold is one business which has gone bad even though she believes the government could have prevented all this mess if they had allowed NAM 1 to still go about his business.

The ‘Tongues’ singer further stressed that even though she will be happy to have her cash invested back, she feels Nana Appiah Mensah cannot be blamed because he couldn’t have done anything in his power to salvage the situation with the Menzgold saga because the NPP government were hell burnt on shutting it down.

Mzbel concluded by stating that Nana Appiah Mensah is a very humble man who could have never done anything bad to hurt the people who had their investment with the company.

She added that everybody, including the president and minister of tourism and creative arts, hailed him when he started embarking on projects which certainly proves he is not a bad person as many people want to paint him now.

Watch the video below:


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