I’m still single because I’m waiting for a rich man to come and marry me – Actress


Actress Mercy Smith has revealed that she’s not married because she is waiting for a rich man to come and take her away from her parents because she has come of age, ChakantuksaaGh.com reports.

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Speaking in an interview with Showbiz she said “Every woman wants comfort and so do I. I know my rich man is on the way and I am patiently waiting for him”.

She noted that she will rather be dumped by a rich man who will give her some property than to be used and dumped by some hungry guy.

Little as she is affectionately called does not mind being the third wife of a rich man.

“I won’t marry a poor man for anything because it will be hurtful for a poor man to dump me than a rich man. As for a rich man, you can be sure of some property when the relationship is over.”

She noted that with her pus size, she’s aware most of the men coming into her life do so because they want to have a feel of her husge backside.

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She said “As for the men they will come but you the lady have to be smart and know what they are coming for. For me I know it’s my backside they want and I am very cautious about that. Men are very bad so I need to be smart.”

Source: Arkbuilder Noah |Chakantuksaagh.com | 2019|

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