Konkombas Should Outdoor Accra Konkomba Market Youth Leader – Ubor Koonja Tasan VI


Chakantuksaagh.com listened with rapt attention as the Chief of Kpassa, Ubor Konja Tassan VI, spoke in Accra last Saturday.

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It was a grand occasion the Konkomba Yam Market to outdoor a youth Chief (Unachiponbor).

Ubor Konja VI minced no words when he alluded to the fact that it was about time we traced our roots as a people.
He could not fathom why people would ignore their rich cultural heritage in favour of that of another.

Pointing to a bow and arrow, he said “in the days of our forefathers, whenever an alarm was raised, you took these weapons and rushed for rescue mission. You didn’t bother about the person you were rescuing. The most important thing was to save a life. But what do we see today: divisiveness, hatred, pull him down, name it.”

He was particularly dissatisfied with people who failed to be dynamic in a fast changing world.

According to him, education was the pivot for economic and social transformation and that societies which failed to prioritise it will remain backward.
Among the key issues he raised was the need for the youth to refrain from being used as tools for destruction, especially, as the 2016 elections beckon.

Ubor Konja VI urged the youth to channel their energies into viable economic ventures rather than allowing politicians to use them to cause mayhem.

“There are many people who think life is all about doing that which pleases them. it saddens me when young people become slaves to armed robbery, prostitution, money laundering, and other crimes,” he added.

I doff my heart to my Chief for these insightful words.

I have been reflection on this message and I pray it makes an impact on as many lives as possible.


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