Maame Sewaa: I’m Not In Harry To Get Marry


Ghanaian performing artist Clara Benson, famously known as Maame Serwaa says she isn’t prepared to get married. As indicated by Serwaa, she is more youthful and not prepared to get married.

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Serwaa expressed that she is concentrating on her training and not in rush to get married. Read the message as below:

‘Salinko, am concentrating on my instruction and how to teach youthful young people particularly young ladies to follow themselves from pregnancies and fetus removal. Marriage is God’s creation, yet am not prepared to get married at any point in the near future. I’m not vainglorious. I might not have met the general population spreading this gossip face to face, and they might state that since I haven’t locked in them by and by, yet when they get the chance to meet me, they will change their observation. Truly there have been a few changes throughout my life, as far as what I look like and all that yet it is basically on the grounds that I currently have a group that considers marking important.’

Serwaa has figured out how to remain moderately outrage free, there are numerous who feel like she is growing up excessively quick and may begin taking part in some negative demonstrations.

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