Meet Sarkodie’s die-hard fan who looks like a twin brother (PHOTOS)


In a new photo sighted by, a young man who is Sarkodie’s ardent fan, does not appear to like just his music, but he also bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Pain Killer’ hitmaker. The photo was shared by Highlife legend, Reggie Rockstone, who described the young man as Sarkodie’s twin.

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Reggie wrote: “@sarkodie DUDE GOT US ALL “funkcuzed”THO!! GOD MADE A SPARE OF EACH ONE OF US IS THE TRUTH! U FOUND YOURS #JAHWAYS ( no folx! This ain’t michael ).” Truly to the caption, one would need to take a third and fourth look at the photo to be convinced that it is indeed not Sarkodie. He wears the same hairstyle, and keeps the same beard and mustache as the rapper, and these go a long way to show how this fan is determined to imitate his idol.

Some Ghanaians on Instagram have noted the close resemblance and have expressed surprise in their comments. For instance, an Instagram user, Ewusi, noted the resemblance and said the only difference between the two was a mark on Sarkodie’s forehead which was missing on his fan: lixx_ewusi_kwami: “Wow only thing missing is the accident mark on @sarkodie forehead @reggierockstone711.”

Another user, Original, also made a similar observation: original_ghosty: “Really serious …. Sark got a spot on his forehead, dis one doesn’t .”

Again, Pokuwaa also made the same remarks about the missing mark on King Sark’s forehead: mz_pokuwaa: “He doesn’t have that mark Sark’s got on his forehead .” Christian also said the difference here was their noses: gakpechristian: “The only different is the nose.” Raphael described the young man as Sarkodie’s “carbon copy”: raphael_akellygh: “Omg! more than a carbon copy.” Another user, Georgia, called the guy ‘Sark’s twin”: usageorgia: “Godfather this is Sark Twin.”

Meanwhile, cannot say if this young man has had the opportunity to meet his idol Sarkodie, or is yet to.

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