Michy release chats of how Shatta Wale accused her of cheating & threatened to stop her business


As you might all know, love birds, Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy are fighting once again.

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Reports emerged yesterday that Shatta Michy took some important documents, Shatta Wale’s newly bought Range Rover and bolted with her son, Majesty.

As it stands now, Michy came out this morning confirming the reports.

According to Michy, she can’t stand Shatta Wale’s abusive nature any longer as no one will be willing to stay in an abusive draining relationship.

She went on to say that people shouldn’t judge her actions because they don’t know what she goes through.

Speaking on why she ran away with Majesty, Michy wrote that she needs to protect her son from a lot of things.

She however noted that she won’t come on social media to spew out problems concerning her life.

Well, Michy has again gone forward to release screenshots of some chats which indicates that Shatta Wale suspected her of infidelity — which isn’t true.

In one of the chats with one SM Diva, Shatta Wale was asking the lady to tell him if or not she knows that Michy has been cheating on him.

The SM Diva identified as Chenessy replied Shatta that she doesn’t have any idea if or not Michy was cheating on him.

Chenessy said she has never seen/know that Michy cheats on him.

Below is a screenshot of the chat:

sm diva chat

In another screenshot, Shatta threatened Michy that he can stop her new business, Chopious Gizdodo and that he (Shatta Wale) can be the devil.

It appears Shatta Michy has been supporting Wale in everything he does but Wale doesn’t want to give her too the necessary support when she needs it.

shatta wale michy chat

A lot of folks are saying on social media that Shatta Wale is using this for hype. But I for one think this is serious.

It also goes a long way to confirm how these celebrities portray ‘happy flashy lifestyle’ on social media whiles they’re unhappy in real life.

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