Pamela Watara Denies Being In Recently Leaked Explicit Video


Fast-rising model and video vixen, Pamela Odame Watara, has reacted to an adult video circulating on social media purported to be her.

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Management of the highly sought after model, have rubbished the said video and their model’s involvement in it in no uncertain terms.

In a press release, management of Watara indicated that the doctored video was a result of someone’s “lustful hatred” and maintained that Pamela was not the one in the video which has since spread across all social media platforms.

Pamela Watara denies being in recently leaked explicit video
Pamela Watara

Even though Watara’s management accepted that there was a old explicit video of their model, the recent one making rounds was doctored just to derail the young lady from her illustrious achievements.

The release went on to call on journalists and bloggers to analyze the said video with “journalistic objectivity, fairness and sincerity and see for themselves that the one making rounds has nothing to do with Pamela.”

In the statement, many of Pamela’s achievements and objectives were outlined to butress the point that she would not in any way fault the many Ghanaians who have come to accept her as a role model.

Pamela Watara denies being in recently leaked explicit video
Pamela Watara Press Release. Credit: Supplied

“Pamela is a self-motivated campaigner and she is gradually succeeding in helping women who feel stigmatized because of abnormalities in their body learn to appreciate and accept themselves again,” excerpts from the statement read.

Not too long ago, Pamela was featured on YEN TV’s celebrity programme ‘Star Gist’ where she opened up on her life and how she came into the limelight.

She revealed that she was happy of her bodily features and was glad that she was making an impact with it.

Pamela Odame Watara has featured in many music videos and has a huge following on social media.

On Friday, February 1, 2019, an adult video believed to be hers started going round on social media and she became the talk across many of these platforms. Her management has however cleared the air on the said incident.

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