Princess Shyngle’s Tiny Waist Miraculously Disappears -See Video


Over the years, Princess Shyngle has manoeuvred her ways for netizens to believe that she has arguably the tiniest waist ever and as a result, most of her ignorant female fans are yearning to get the same shape.

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But analysing viral footage available to,Princess Shyngle looking like a completely different person now as a result of many factors not excluding pregnancy.

Previous reports show Princess Shyngle going for an ultra sound scan with her husband Frederic Badji.

So, considering the overnight change in Princess Shyngle’s waist appearance and shape, one won’t be far from right to conclude that it’s her baby bump developing.

Regardless, we don’t want to conclude on anything for now, but let you have a pictorial view of the viral footage under discussion and draw your own conclusion.

Watch the video below:

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