Reasons Why Konkomba Culture Is Eradicating- Hon. Thomas Donkor Ugaja


RIC MEDIA and reports That, the MP of Nanumba south Wulensi Constituency, Hon. Thomas Donkor Ugaja in a Konkomba Culture Platform, he was addressing to the house the reasons why Konkomba Culture is Dying

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He said “we would always like to comment when the matter of the youth arises but we are afraid of been blasted or insulted if you say or tell them the hard truth, but all not withstanding l will try to point out a few issues that is seriously affecting the Konkomba culture our only inheritance handed down to us by our great grand parents of which we will or shall be identified as a tribe in the humanity on this earth,

Hon. Thomas Donkor Ugaja.
Hon. Thomas Donkor Ugaja. Chakantuksaagh News


you have made a very good point that you the youth cannot even dance to the tune of our own dance, that’s true, every tribe is identified by their culture and the culture
is embedded in their dance steps , permit me to use myself as an example the is no Konkomba dance l cannot dance simply because l learned it by following my senior brothers to where ever there was a funeral, dance along side with them and imitate them, but what do you see today, amongst the youth anyone who try to dance kinachung the rest will discourage him by saying you’re primitive you are colo your eyes are not open so they don’t dance ,what you see is that they dress with their under pants hanging on their buttocks, yeah !!! that’s the guy…..! from Accra, how can you sustain our culture?

Konkomba Culture What the youth now know how to dance best is record dance ,SHATTER WALE , STONE BOY, EBONY just to name a few in place of our rich culture

Another point is the computer era musicians we now have is also killing our cultural dance every Konkomba clan today has a musician and so when ever there is a funeral at his community he would like to be playing his music for people to enjoy his voice

Kinachung in otherwise or our cultural dance is also fading away because we as a tribe took rivalry to the extreme , why am l saying so the youth these days will always say oh… Nakoja and l slept with the same girl or lady or they married my girl friend they married our wife and so l will not go their funeral

Another point is the moonlight dance amongst the youth, we used to practice our cultural dance during those days when we return from school during holidays but what do we see these days the youth return from school and instead of taken some time off to practice our cultural dance under the moonlight they stick to their smart phones chatting unnecessarily

Not to bore you with long talk l would like to touch small on the marriage aspect of our political leaders, point of correction not all Konkomba politicians are married to other tribes, most of them got married to their wives from other tribes other than Konkomba tribes before they became political heads marriage to other tribes shouldn’t be limited to our politicians alone many Konkombas are married to other tribes other than Konkombas

Touching on education interns of Konkomba girls for that matter Konkomba politicians wouldn’t marry them because of their low educational background that is not true, marriage is a choice and understanding there is something that we missing out here and that is population increase.

Konkomba women
Konkomba Women

Ask yourself how many Konkombas used to live in Accra how many Konkombas went to school in the early 70s therefore we need to look at that too

As for our girls nowadays the list talked about them the better l personally is a victim of such circumstances , just take an observation of our beautiful girls at the Agbogbolishie Konkomba market and you will understand that a Konkomba young man who struggled through all odds to obtain a first degree and masters degree wouldn’t like to go marry such girls with those characters
I therefore recommend that we go back to our roots to save our sinking cultural practices”

My humble contribution.

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