See The Schedule For The New Accra- Tema Service


The Ministry of Railways Development in collaboration with the Ghana Railway Company Limited has announced the schedule for the Accra-Tema Train Service which was launched Tuesday, January 29 in Accra.

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The shuttle has a diesel multiple unit (DMU) train which seats 360 persons with ample room for tens more to stand at a cost of 5GHC per passenger. It is powered by onboard diesel engines and requires no separate locomotive, as the engines are incorporated into one or more of the carriages.

According to the Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, the service will run for free over a two-week period before it starts running commercially.

According to him, the ‘free run’ is to get the buy-in of residents into the Accra-Tema Train Service, which he described as a cheaper alternative to commercial buses in the capital.

The train will depart the Community 1 Station at 6:00 am daily and make stops at the Tema Fishing Harbour, Tema Harbour Station, Asoprochana Station, Nungua Barrier (Mile 11), Addogonno (Mile 9), Batchona Station, Airport, Abelenkpe, Achimota Station, Odaw Station (Circle) before docking at the Accra Central Railway Station at 7:30 am.

Later in the day at 5.40pm, it will depart the Accra Central Railway Station for Tema. It will make stops at Odaw Station (Circle), Achimota Station, BatchonaStation, Asoprochana Station, Tema before stopping at the Community 1 Station at 7:22 pm.

Shuttle train timings

Accra – Tema Train No. S112

TEMA 06:10 06:12
ASOPROCHONA 06:20 06:22
BATCHONA 06:46 06:48
ACHIMOTA 07:10 07:12
ODAW 07:22 07:24
ACCRA 07:30

Accra-Tema Train No. S117

ACCRA 17:40
ODAW 17:50 17:52
ACHIMOTA 18:02 18:06
BATCHONA 18:30 18:32
ASOPROCHONA 18:50 19:02
TEMA 19:10 19:12

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