Shatta Wale breaks his silence on- alleged attack in Kumasi.


Dancehall Don Shatta Wale has spoken for the first after reports went viral that he and his team were attacked and stopped from entering to Krofrom, a suburb of Kumasi, when he went there for a video shoot to complete his Kumerica Invasion Project.

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Reports says Shatta Wale was allegedly given a stern warning by a gang of youth to stay away from the neighbourhood.

According to the gang they are exasperated at Shatta Wale’s failure to attend the funeral of his late friend, Junior US, a native of Krofrom who was murdered in the United States in May 2019. They also alleged that Shatta Wale owed Junior US GH¢200,000.
Hey! Come to think of the alleged report that the gang of youth are BHIM fans that is why they were against the good work of ONE DON SHATTA WALE using Junior US funeral as a tool

It is reported that Shatta Wale who failed to heed to the warning and showed up at Krofrom on Tuesday was attacked and driven away from the area by some youth who were incensed by his presence.

Speaking for the first time After reports of the incident, Shatta Wale has break his silence of which He sent a strong message and directed the japs at the propagators saying he will forever stays ahead of them.
this what Shatta posted “Still in kumerica having fun as usual and the unhappy ones are saying I was attacked for what? if I may ask ?”

“We just had this successful shoot and all they can talk about is this? No wonder I keep leading them 50million years ahead,” he posted on his Facebook wall.

What is your stake on

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