Shatta Wale visits Rev Oboufour in his Whitehouse APC Mansion


trending on social media indicates that Shatta Movement CEO, Shatta Wale paid a visit to Rev Obofour in his APC Mansion located at Trasacco Valley.

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The two controversial and popular men were seen with all smiles as they pose for the camera.

Shatta Wale and Obofour has for sometime now being expressing love for one another.

Rev Obofour in-front of his congregation one time said Shatta Wale is the only Nation’s preacher.

While the Dancehall musician also somewhere last year, expressed his desire to meet the founder of Anointed Palace Church.

shatta wale and obofour

According to him, Obofuor is doing what God sent he (Shatta Wale) to do on earth.

Speaking in an interview on Happy FM, Shatta said: “What Obofuor is doing now is God sent, is what God also sent me to do on earth, I want to meet him, I only like to meet people who will be a blessing to my life.”

He added that Ghanaians are so short-sighted and they feel lazy to see into the future, “God himself will come within a Ferrari. God also goes to the club. Ghanaians are so so myopic that they don’t think into the future, God is a guy, he goes everywhere his children go. Obofuor is really doing what he wants him to do.”

Reverend Obofour is noted for singing Shatta Wale’s songs in his church. The pastor said during one of his church services that most of Shatta Wale’s songs have better content than the mainstream gospel songs.

He described Shatta Wale as the nation’s preacher because he touches on relevant issues that gospel artistes fail to tackle.

According to him, the content of most gospel songs is jaded. The man of God said he needs songs that will make him dance; songs that will help his congregation burn calories so they do not get knocked down by a stroke.

shatta wale and obofour

“Who is a gospel artiste? The message in the song is the most important thing. Dances performed in the clubs are also right here in church,” Shatta Wale stated.

“Is Shatta Wale not a human being? Those who call themselves gospel musicians are engaging in sexual immorality,” he added.

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