27TH MARCH 2020.

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Ladies and gentlemen,we will all recall that on the 21st of February, 2020, mordern Ghana reported that the president was on a 12 day working visit to Scotland, U.K, Norway, Switzerland and Belgium. The president was accompanied by the minister of foreign affairs and regional integration, minister of education,minister for environment science and technology, officials from the presidency and a Norwaygian diplomat.
The seat of government released pictures of the trip and the said Norwaygian diplomat was in constant contact with our President, taking pictures and shaking hands with the president.
Now, during this time of the president working visit, the convid-19 was detected in the U.K, USA, and almost all of Europe. In most of the pictures released by the presidency, the president was seen busily shaking hands and hugging people. All the people who travelled with the president were busily meeting and greeting people. The probability of these people coming into contact with people who had the virus was very high. The president then travelled back to Ghana withall this people.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is important to note that, non of those people including the president and the Norwaygian diplomat was subjected through any convid-19 test when they arrived at the Kotoka International airport even though Ghana had the information that the virus was very much active globally.
In a few days after arriving in the country,the state protocol office through the instructions of the president invited this same Norwaygian diplomat to the 63rd independence celebrations at the Babayara sports stadium in Kumasi.
This same diplomat shook hands of people, from the president to chiefs and other highly government officials. Right after that event, the first lady, Rebecca Akufo Addo celebrated her birthday and that same diplomat was there at the party. Most government officials including the president himself, the senior minister, chairman Wuntumi, professor Fripong Boateng,John Peter Amewu and others.

It is good to remember ladies and gentlemen, that this was the last time we saw all of this people in the public. Moving forward, the president then appeared on Tv to announce that there was no case of convid-19 pandamic in Ghana and that his government has set aside $100 million to cater for the convid-19 in Ghana. Less than 24 hours after the president addres, news broke out from the seat of government that the Norwaygian diplomat who has been seen arround the president and other government officials throughout at the presidency in Europe and the Babayara sports stadium in Kumasi had tested positive for the convid-19.
The presidency had announced that the Norwaygian diplomat and one other Ghanaian had tested positive but the shocking part of it is that the statement failed to reveal the identity of the said Ghanaian.

Since the president got expose, the presidency hasn’t release any official statement saying the date and time our President took the test and the results. Furthermore presidency has also not stated if any of the officials who accompanied the president to Europe had tested or quarantine. Also note that the president has not availed himself to the Ghana press. Our president is been avoiding the press and this is worrying. He has since been speaking behind cameras on three different occasions and this is a cause of concern. Almost every President arround the globe have met the press of their respective countries to make statements and also take questions with regards to this pandemic.The American president , The U.K. prime minister, The French president Paul Kagami, The president of Togo, president of Burkina Faso, Ramafosa of South Africa and many other.
The first person who had this virus in Ghana according to the seat of government was the Norwaygian diplomat.

Ladies and gentlemen here comes my questions:

(1) Why has the president decided to avoid meeting one on one with the press as the leader of the country to address them and take questions from then with regards to the convid-19 pandemic?

(2) Is the president avoiding them because he knows that the press will ask him if he has tested positive?

(3) Is the president scared to meet the press because he knows that if he answers yes to the question then he would have to show us the test results and if he answers no, then we will insist he takes the test.

(4) Has Neguchi centre told the president to avoid meeting the press because any of the answers the president gives will put their credibility on the line because they will be told to produce the test results of the president and all government officials who were on the trip with the president.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr president has giving three speeches on this pandemic but the major question is,why hasn’t he met the press.
Mr president if you want to be powerful, at least pretend to be powerful. Don’t let your actions show that you are weak.

Mr president, Ghanaians lives are more important than next election so please call your attorney general, NIA and E.C to order.
Mr president come out from your hole and meet the press and speak to Ghanaians. We want to hear from you because you are our leader.
I remain a citizen and not a spectator
Thank you.

Source : Tikuri Solomon Kodjo /2020

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