The Common Myths About Ebony’s Death That Should Be Revealed


The death of Ebony is one that will go down in history for its sudden and shocking nature. Ghanaians feel that death did a mockery on them with this one, taking away one of their prime artist when she was just budding and ready to show her great potential. Unfortunately there have been stories surrounding the death of the star probably because of its untimely and unexpected nature. Different people have come up with reasonable explanations to fit their narratives. Some have explained why the accident cannot pass as ordinary and that there may be certain forces behind it. Whether this is true or not is subject to confirmation.

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Ten Common Myths About Ebony's Death that should be revealed

Stories behind Ebony’s death- Truth or exaggerations?

It has been said that people tend to create stories that will help numb their pain. This could be what happened with some of Ebony’s fans as they try to come to terms with the shocking revelation of the Ebony accident and death. The fact that it happened barely a week to Ebony Gh 21st birthday makes it all the more questionable. The following ten myths have come up from the time the death of ebony was announced.

1. Ebony death was spiritual

This is a claim by one Muslim clerical saying that Ebony Ghana dance hall artist had to die for someone else to advance in the Illuminati international rank. According to Shamuna Ustaz Jibril, Ebony was the unfortunate spiritual sacrifice for international advancement in the cult. He claims that musicians in Ghana continue to be sacrificed at the expense of such people.

Ten Common Myths About Ebony's Death that should be revealed- Ebony death was spiritual

2. The death of ebony is influenced by witchcraft- witches from her family and village are responsible

Some quarters believe that the accident was not natural. In fact they believe that Ebony was targeted by spiritual forces for reasons not yet known. Why these forces targeted the 20 year old musician still remains a mystery.

3. The driver had it planned

The fact that the driver to Ebony musician was the only survivor of the accident leaves a lot to be desired. While there could be reasonable explanation to this, probably because he swerved and escaped the direct hit, Ghanaians have a wild imagination. Some have wondered if he was in cohorts with some people to finish the celebrated musician.

4. Competitors and enemies were behind it

In a highly competitive industry it is not uncommon for such speculations to come up. It is therefore natural and expected that competitors of the fallen star would be suspected to have a hand in the accident that took his life. There may be no truth in any of it though.

5. She died out of ignorance

Ebony’s death has been attributed to ignoring warnings from prophets who prophesized her death. There have emerged audios of a pastor prophesying Ebony’s death and warnings that she should change her ways before it was too late. Prophet Nigel prophesied that Ebony would die through a road accident.

6. Ebony’s death is entirely pinned on Nana Akuffo and his administration

There are quarters that believe that Ebony died due to negligence from the government

7. Ebony had a premonition about her death

Her recent interactions were as if she was saying goodbye to the people that mattered. She died on her way from seeing her mother.

8. Ebony died due to her behavior

All Ebony songs reveal the singer in clothes that show flesh. Some people also believe that she was a bi-sexual who engaged in unacceptable relations with her friend who also died in the accident. They say that this was the reasons behind her death.

Ten Common Myths About Ebony's Death that should be revealed- Ebony Died due to her Behavior

9. Ebony music did not praise God hence her death

Some people are of the opinion that ebony gospel entrance delay could be what caused her untimely death. They feel that she might have been reluctant to perform gospel songs. It was discovered after her death that she sang in church after a clip was released online when she died.

10. Ebony Ghanaian musician death was a punishment and lesson

This is one of the popular myths about Ebony’s death that has been circulating around. Some quarters believe that she has been used as an example by God to show other musicians his power.

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