The history behind Yedi chieftaincy has been reveal by Kunbumgu palace:


The history behind *Yendi* chieftaincy has been reveal by Kunbumgu Palace. *Below is the revelation:*
In all of what is going on regarding name callings, I will want to talk about Kampakuya Naa being called Bilijo, not because I am Andani or I’m not Abudu but because I am a Dagbana and hence the reputation of any regent of Dagbon is my concern. I don’t know whether those calling him that name think it is an insult or a mockery. Whatever they think it is, I will want to remind them of a simple fact.
The reason for which he will be called Bilijo is or will be because his mother is a konkomba woman. The current Abudu gate can be linked to Naa Alasani Tipariga. Naa Alasani Tipariga was the son of Naa Abdulai Nag’biegu (Abudu). Likewise, the current Andani gate can be said to be descendants of Naa mahan Kpema, the son of Naa Andani Naanigoo(Andani).
Both Naa Abdulai Nag’biegu and Naa Andani Naanigoo were sons of Naa Yakubu Nantoo. The question now is, who was Naa Yakubu Nantoo’s mother?
Among Naa Andani Jengbariga’s wives was a konkomba woman by name Napagi Litogu. Napagi Litogu gave birth to Naa Yakubu Nantoo. Naa Yakubu Nantoo as mentioned above gave birth to Abudu as a first son and Andani as his second son. So if the name Bilijo is to be seen as mockery or insult, or is intended to belittle the regent of Naa Yakubu Andani II, then both gates are being mocked, insulted and belittled because they both have a konkomba woman as their grandmother.
What interest me more is the commonalities between the current Kampakuya Naa and Naa Abudu. Let’s look at the following:
1. Kampakuya Naa’s name is Abdulai and Naa Abudu’s name was Abdulai.
2. Kampakuya Naa’s father was Yakubu (Naa Yakubu Andani II) and Naa Abudu’s father was Yakubu (Naa Yakubu Nantoo).
3. Kampakuya Naa’s grandfather was called Andani(Naa Andani Zolikugli) and Naa Abudu’s grandfather was called Andani(Naa Andani Jengbariga)
Based on the above, I want to say that Kampakuya Naa ” Sigilana n nye” Naa Abdulai Nag’biegu (Abudu).
*Kijook pɔɔ man*

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Source: Chakantuksaa Gh.

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