The lies I saw in NDC as an insider made me quit politics — NDC Former National Treasurer


Former National Treasurer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Abdullah Ahmed Abdulla has announced his retirement from active politics indicating he will no longer be seen in the political front as he used to.

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He disclosed that his premature retirement from active politics is borne out of the lies within his own party being propagated by “neophytes who think they have arrived” warning that their conduct has the potency of destroying the party if the current crop of executives fail to rise to the occasion.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Otec Fm in an interview monitored by, he disclosed that politics fed so much on him and not the other way round revealing how he sunk a lot of resources into the NDC just because he was committed to its growth.

The former NDC executive however observed that his sacrifices both in cash and kind appear to be going down the drain through the conduct of some persons who have gained notoriety in lying but the elders look on unconcerned and have refused to put them to check.

“I have retired from politics so I have put it in a box and hid it under water. So if someone says I am preparing to establish a political party it does not make sense at all. It is because of these lies I have retired from active politics. I do not feed on politics neither do I survive on that it is the rather other way round and I have vowed not to let that happen again. I don’t know anything about it…why will we at this age be thinking of going to establish a political party? Would we call it a party for the oldies or what?”, he quizzed.

Alhaji PMC as popularly called in the political circles was recently accused of ganging up with other including Benjamin Bewa-Nyog Kunbuor, Former President Jerry John Rawlings and Koko Anyidoho who establish a splinter political party.

But reacting to the claim, he said it was pure lie that was being fueled within the party by hungry babies with sharp teeth who had been given crumbs to propagate such falsehood.

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“Where do you think is coming from, it is coming from within the NDC not from NPP. Small small boys behind the presidential candidate know how to run but do not know how to talk. No sensible party person will make such an issue public. They are solely responsible for the falsified information”, he observed. Solomon Kodjo/2019

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