Speaking to RIC. ONLINE RADIOon Chakantuksaagh Elections Count Down Show, Hon Oti Bless told some of the Achievements he has done in his constituency in Nkwanta North.

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1. Until Oti Bless became the mp for the constituency, the only two police stations i,e Kpassa and Damanko had common bicycle or any means of transport to do their work.

Being a committed and visionary leader who knows the importance of SECURITY, was able to secure two brand new patrol pick-ups for each of the stations.

2. He renovated the Kpassa police station to the
admiration of the police and the people.

3. But for his intervention, the military in kpassa were on the verge of relocating to kpassa due to the failure or inability of the assembly to renovate their dilapidated building.
He changed everything on the building and built a kitchen attached and that has motivated the officers to abort their move to Nkwanta.

4. Hon. Bless again put up a beautiful full police station at Tinjase with accommodation apartment and a mechanised borehole to supply potable water.

5. He has also just finished putting up another police station at Sibi which is yet to be roofed.

6. He raised a very beautiful pavilion for the people at the new barrier at Jatokparekpare a sabbath of Sibi.
It is important to note that security in a disaster is not under an mp, but solely the responsibility of the DCE. Nkwanta north is therefore blessed to have an mp who understands and cares so much about the security of his people.
It is also good to note that the DCE is the chairman of the district security council ( DISEC).


1. Hon. John Oti Bless during his parliamentary primaries in 2011 had printed over five thousand ( 5000) exercise books for all basic school children in both public and private in the constituency.

2. He has raised pavilions in the following communities and paid school fees for many brilliant but needy students before he became the mp.
a. Kprangkprang
b. Kofi Akura
c. Nabu
d. Sibi Hill top D/A
e. Nanjingong
f. Kabonwuli
g. Yalanjor

3. He has built a 6 unit classroom block at Bisignamdo in kpassa

4. 3 unit classroom block each at Abunyanya no.1&2

5. A 6 unit classroom block at Baduli in Damanko

6. 3 unit classroom block each at Sibi Hill top D/A primary and E.P primaries

7. Provided 3,300 dual desks in those schools including some other deprived ones who had no furniture.

8. He got the Social Investment Fund people to build one of the best schools in the whole region at Nabu

9. He bought computers for Kpastec

10. He lobbied and brought over 2000 student mattresses for Kpastec.

11. He got a brand new Nisan pick up for Kpastec

12. He provided all the sporting facilities and that qualified Kpastec to host their first ever inter-school competition in February 2020 this year involving 22 other secondary schools in the region.

13. A massive sports complex is currently under construction by the mp to facilitate the youth development through sports in the constituency.

14. He organised and sponsored free extra classes and a quiz competition which saw 2 female students getting aggregates 11 and 15 in BECE for the first time in the history of Nkwanta north and south.

15. He distributed mathematical sets to all BECE candidates on two occasions.

16. A 6 unit classroom block is under construction at Tinjase.

17. He has sponsored over 950 students from his share of the mps common fund.


1. Hon. Bless has provided generators for the Kpassa clinic, Damanko clinic and the district health directorate to enable them function efficiently when the lights are out.

2. He has bought motorbikes for all the health centres in the district through the health director.

3. He has completely renovated the kpassa clinic for the first time since 1999.

4. The mp has supported the health directorate with thirty thousand Ghana cedis ( 30,000.00) to construct a maternity ward in kpassa

5. He had procured anti-snake venom for the treatment of our poor farmers during when they are beaten by snakes

6. He has procured thermometer guns for all the health facilities in the constituency during the outbreak of Cov-19. He also gave the health directorate ten thousand Ghana cedis to train volunteers in the various communities on contact tracing with over 200 veronica buckets and hand sanitizers.

7. A maternity ward is under construction in Abunyanya

8. The mp had again through SIF built a massive maternity ward in Azoa.

9. He has built a very beautiful bungalow at Sibi for the midwives.

10. He has raised a very long pavilion at Sibi to be used as a resting or waiting place for our pregnant mothers and sisters when they go to the clinic.


1. Hon. Bless has constructed the Tinjase—- Nabu road

2. He constructed a virgin road from Sibi to Obunja

3. He constructed Sibi to Baduli virgin road

4. He filled and reshaped the Damanko town road

5. He constructed the Kpassa to Mama Akura road

6. Construction work is currently ongoing on Kpassa to Yalanjor road, as well as Tinjase to Donkor Akura.

7. Construction of a beautiful road from the Merimeri Junction in kpassa straight and linked to the Tinjase road and that has really opened up businesses on the part of the town.


1. The mp has drilled about 25 mechanised boreholes in kpassa town

2. He has drilled 7 boreholes in Tinjase

3. Abunyanya 4 so far

4. Drilled 2 at Nabu with a permanent water system at the Nabu health centre

5. Drilled 2 at Mama Akura

6. 2 at Azoa and 2 at Kofi Akura

7. Constructed Dams in the following communities where there’s serious water challenge.
a. Sibi Hill top
b. Jatokparekpare
c. Nyamemboa and Kanjo

8. Drilled a borehole at Obitiyie

9. A borehole at Tindaani akura


1. The mp since 2012 has lobbied and got about 18 communities in the constituency connected to the national grid with 12 more on contract to be connected.


1. We all know that access to network is a big problem in our part of the country so honourable Bless being a super serious mp has been able to lobby telecommunication giant mtn and got network to the following communities.
1. Nabu
2. Tinjase
3. Azoa
4. Kofi Akura with work on the following ones ongoing;
Kabre Akura and Kanjo.

The mtn officer in charge has also been taken to the following communities and work is expected to commence any time soon to enable them get the network
Mama-akura, Lakpor, Nyamemboa, Danladi, Obunja, Lamina, Kabonwuli, Pibila, and Korni.

All these can be verified from the various mentioned communities.
How can you change a performing and visionary mp such as Oti Bless for a clueless man who has no track record or nothing to show even in Damanko where he comes from.

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Still…the truth is 1

A vote for Oti Bless and the ndc is a vote for peace and development.


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