The World Finally React To The Viral Photo of Coffin Made For A Dead Womanizer By A Ghanaian Family.


People around the world have massive reacted to the Ghanaian – made coffin with a design never seen before, after the photo of the coffin went viral on the internet. The coffin is said to be made for a Ghanaian man who led a womanizing lifestyle when he was alive.

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Culture is the way of life of a particular group of people. When it comes to culture especially here in Africa, Ghana is among the countries best known for displaying their rich culture heritage inherited from their forefathers. Although some of these cultures are now outmoded due to the harmful side effects it poses on individuals, some are also embraced and never abandoned even in this modern era.

Making of coffins for the dead is something that is value at a higher extent here in Ghana. Most families here in Ghana get their deceased buried with beautiful and virieties of coffin designs. These are not just mere designs but rather send messages to other people as to how the dead person led their lives.

Just recently, a family buried their member, a man who led a womanizing lifestyle whiles alive as a result, he was buried in a coffin that depicted such lifestyle.

Below is a photo of the unique design coffin made for the dead man who was a womanizer when alive.

The photo of the unique coffin design went viral with several reactions from Ghanaians. Now people from some parts of the world have finally reacted on seeing the unique coffin design. Some reacted because they have never seen such a coffin before and others also took that as a strong message being sent across the world in terms of the lives we live.

See Reactions of people below:



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