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Tapiwa Sithole, a 24-year-old Slay queen is reported to be dating the two sons of Zimbabwean first lady, Grace Mugabe, Russell and Robert.

Click Here >> to read our latest news stories has sighted reports on local news portals in Zimbabwe that the two sons of the former president of Zimbabwe, Rober Mugabe are fighting over this Zimbabwean Slay Queen popularly known as Tapie Cherry.

Tapiwa Sithole

According to the report, Tapie Cherry is in an incestuous relationship with both Russel Mugabe and Robert Mugabe Junior.

She has been spotted in a romantic posture with both sons of Zimbabwe’s longest-serving leader and the two sons are reportedly fighting over her.

Nigerian blog H-Metro reached out to Tapiwa Sithole for her reaction and on the alleged affairs and this is what she said:

“How can people say that I’m throwing myself to these boys when they are the ones who are after me? “A week ago, I was at Russell’s apartment, I spent days with him after he called me saying that he was neglected on his birthday.

“How could I be forcing myself on him when he was actually taking me to places, spending money on me and taking me to Pretoria? “I don’t think if you’re really bothering someone, the person would pick you at the airport and take you to his apartment like what Russell did.

“When I wanted to go back, I missed my flight and Russell was kind enough to take me from the airport, back to his apartment until I got my next flight”.

  1. “I don’t know why people are making noise about me and Russell now when we have stayed together before. “In 2017, I flew back to Zimbabwe and stayed with Russell at his apartment for a week.

We went to a club called 1+1 and different other places. Those that want to paint me as someone throwing herself to him are wrong,”Tapiwa said.

On her relationship with Rober Mugabe Junior, the 24-year-old model, Tapie Cherry said:

“I attended the Luxury Lifestyle awards in Dubai and Robert contacted me. He drove his car and came to pick me up and went with me to his apartment, so how am I throwing myself at them?”

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