Watch Video: Our Mothers And Sisters In This Situation Should Be Supported Instead Of Mere Praises || Hon. Yaw Nadaya Stanley


On a WhatsApp platform of RIC Konkomba a video was posted concerning a Konkomba women farming. This was what Hon. Nadaya Yaw Stanley said about the video.

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“My View On The Video:
I must say that this footage of the women is not fun. I have been there before and I can tell you for a fact that our mothers and sisters in this situation should be supported instead of mere praises.

I am not condemning the person who brought up this video but it gives us the opportunity to remember that we should work towards eliminating or reducing the suffering of our sisters mothers back home.

This skills can be discovered as a result of being disadvantaged. “When you are disadvantaged, you have to be skilful ”

We can clearly see that with such a wonderful determination in this women, they can do marvellous with the help of machines or tractors.

We should all pray that God will grant us capacities to be able to support our mothers and sisters who are caught in this string of struggle. Amen!

If we support our mothers and sisters back home, we are indirectly supporting our siblings who are in school. Our mothers are ever willing to sell their last clothes to see through our education.

My heart bleeds profusely when I see our mothers and sisters carrying Firewood and charcoal to the market to sell. I know that this saddens your heart to.

There is light at end of the tunnel. This to shall pass. Rome was not built in a day.
S.Y. Stanley.”

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