What have you done with all the BILLIONS you borrowed — Ghanaians ask Akufo-Addo


Some Ghanaians on social media have expressed unhappiness about revelation that the total amount that Ghana owes reached 172.9 billion cedis in November 2018 and are asking The Akufo-Addo government to explain where all the borrowed money has gone to, MyNewsGh.com has filed.

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Many Ghanaians used unprintable language to describe some key players in government finance when they learnt that between July and November 2018, the country added 13.2 billion cedis to its debt.

The figure of 172 billion comprises money borrowed within Ghana and that borrowed from investors outside the country.

As at November 2018, the total amount that the government had borrowed from the domestic market reached 86.5 billion cedis while that borrowed outside the country amounted to 86.3 billion cedis.

The actual reasons accounting for the rise are not clearly known but the Bank of Ghana maintains that the figures still takes into consideration the 9.8 billion cedis bond that the government issued to support GCB and the Consolidated bank as part of the banking sector clean up.

The current figure of 172.9 billion cedis represents 57.9 percent of the total value of all goods and services produced within the country (GDP) for 2018.

But reacting to the news, some Ghanaians think they need clarity on what exactly the government has to show against the borrowed money.

What are they using the money borrowed for?

Hahahaha adjeeee tweeeaaaaaaa are they not the same people who promised not to borrow when elected?

Ghana beyond Aid….ayikoooòo….am loving my kentreyyy#

Kenoforiatta the most useless person in today’s Ghana

Not even a hencoop built to account for these debts…..Mercy Lord.

#NanaBorrowEeii So it was all about political bragging we have the men,we have the men hmm so funny😃😃

Dr Bawumia should kindly help us with Economic lectures…. In explaining how come that the debt is increasing day in day out….. Or is the debt too in double track….?

I don’t see a single shs block, I don’t see a single University block, I don’t see a single hospital, I can’t see a single interchange, no water projects, no asphalt roads, look what have they used that money for? Where is that money they borrowed.?

We have money in this country, we have a lot of resources that if manage well can go a long way to buil this nation, we will use Takoradi oul money alone to build this nation. Those were their words in opposition.

These people are more than scarmmers. No wonder NAM1 is their descendant.

Is there anything to show for it? That is the question we should be asking

Yet there is absolutely nothing to show. What at all did these guys used those money for?’

“Ghana yay3 mm)b) do. Ghana yay3 mm)b) koraa dodo. Y3 te sika so nso )kom de yen. Y3 te sika so nso )kom de yen. Nyame boa na me ba a, me ba ab3y3 bibiara f3f33f3.” Then yiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee.

So is this what you promised us? #ponzy government # change the change 2020

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We have the money. I have worked with bank of Ghana and I know we have the money. Any government that borrow to develop a country is a Lazy government. We won’t borrow. We will depend on our natural resources for money. These were the words from Alhaji bawumia GPS A.K.A distributor of expired food. But Less than three years after saying these opana and his government have borrowed so much to increase our debt stock. But can’t point out a single thing their government did with these monies

Source: Chakantuksaagh.com/Tikuri Solomon Kodjo/2019

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