Whiles SM signees are busy driving their Toyota Camry, Bhim Music signee, OV, is riding her nice bicycle


Social media is about to be set ablaze after a video of new Bhim Music signee, OV, riding her beautiful bicycle popped up.

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We all know of the fact that there is an ongoing rivalry between the SM fans and the Bhim fans with both claiming supremacy over the other.

Many of them argue that their label do treat their signees best.

Celebrities Buzz has spotted a very beautiful video of OV Okailey riding her nice bike whiles Addi Self, Captan and Joint 77 are cruising in their respective cars within Nima.

We are pretty sure she will receive a very nice car of her own in some days or weeks to come.

We are just trying to be concern citizens and also admire the fact that OV is enjoying her personal bike whiles awaiting 01/02/20919 to release her first song dubbed ‘Want Me’ off her new label.

Watch Video Below:

Source: By Tikuri Solomon Kodjo 

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