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The Chereponi DCE, Abdul-Razak Tahidu is the brain behind this recent conflict. He is the very person mobilizing his people to attack the Konkombas and then run to the various media houses to say that the Konkombas are attacking them.

Chereponi DCE, Abdul-Razak

How can you fan fire with water in your mouth? Konkombas don’t start wars, and we don’t talk much on Media platforms that is why most of these smart and evil leaders belonging to other ethnic groups always tag us as warlords.

For the gospel truth, the Konkombas in Saboba district which is the capital and Homeland of Konkombas are still living in peace and harmony with the chakosi people despite the on going conflict but the chakosis in Chereponi have chased, killed and occupied the houses of Konkombas in Chereponi as we speak now.

It’s very bad to hide behind media houses painting the Konkombas black and still proceed to fight them. The past is gone and we should embrace peace and do away with the notion that Konkombas have fought with all the ethnic groups in the northern region and so forth.

Don’t give a dog a bad name just because you want to kill it. Konkombas can fight and fight to the end but the truth is that they won’t start any conflict until you push them to the wall.

The military

My take on the military in this Chereponi conflict; The military in Chereponi has made me to believe in the circulating rumors that they have been cushioned with money and other material things by the Chereponi DCE to shoot and kill Konkombas in the ongoing conflict.

I have also come to believe that they will deliberately allow the chakosis to pass by them with deadly weapons to attack the Konkombas at far distances and still return happily to their houses, which is very bad.

To make my submission on this particular issue very clear, the military are stationed at Chereponi and controlled by the DCE to protect the chakosis and shoot at the Konkombas.

The military in stationed in Chereponi should endeavour to be more professional and ensure that they separate the feuding factions and not be the unseen hands supporting one side (the Anufor) to attack Konkombas. How can peace masters turn to war mongers?

I want to fully the DISEC and RESEC and the security agencies to pick up the Chereponi DCE and his key associates for trying to throw dust into the eyes of the general public by giving two separate accounts of the recent conflict.

The Chereponi DCE on Joy fm stated categorically that a chakosi man was shot by unkown persons while returning from a wedding ceremony as at 10 pm in the night within the Chereponi township and that he believed it was the Konkombas.

So the fact that he believed it was the Konkombas that attacked and shot at the man gave him the urge to mobilize his people (the chakosis) to go and attack the Konkombas.

My questions to the Chairman of the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC), Salifu Saeed are: 1. why didn’t the DCE report the incident to the police or security agencies and wait for the appropriate measures/investigations to be taken to unveil the perpetrators and bring them to book?

  1. Why was he the one to report to media when actually the police and other security agencies were there? Or has he now taken the role of the police?
  2. As a key member of DISEC and REGSEC, what was he supposed to do when he heard of the shooting incident in his town?
  3. What was the day’s interval as of when the shooting incident occurred between the two factions in renewed clashes?
  4. Was there not curfew from 6pm to 6am in Chereponi? So what were they still doing outside during curfew hours?

Other chakosis in Chereponi on the other hand gave a different account of what sparked the recent renewed clashes. They stated on social media (Facebook) that it happened when some young men escorted one of their colleagues to the bush at night to attend to the a nature’s call, there they heard gunshots in the bush. They said the one who attended to the nature’s call got shot and it was by Konkombas.

Why will the Chereponi DCE in question give two different accounts on the same incident that occurred before their very eyes? They planned something fishy and evil but poor execution exposed them, and here they are publicly giving different accounts of a single incident that occurred in their own town.

The DCE who is the father of Chereponi district for both the Konkombas and the chakosis has been bias by supporting his own people (chakosis) and allowed the military and chakosis to kill and trouble the Konkombas.

His act of bringing people from foreign countries to support the Chakosis fight against Konkombas is likely to invite terrorists into the country very soon. Reports reaching us today indicates that the Chereponi DCE has gone to bring terrorists from Benin and Togo to fight the Konkombas.


The DCE without further delay should be removed immediately if DISEC, REGSEC and other bodies really want peace to be restored immediately and permanently.

My heart is heavy as i write. So let’s join hands and shake off this bloody season that has been our recent guest.

Long live Konkombas
Long live chakosis
Long live Ghana.

By Jalulah Jagri Maurice
( Dj Jasco)
(A son of Kikpakpaan)

SOURCE: Chakantuksaagh.com

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